how to send an email without a computer

February 11, 2010

I’ll admit, this may be a bit of a cop-out post because I have tweaked some things on here and I need to post something to see what will happen…

So, I share.  This never fails to crack me up.   I figure you, my ((very?)few) readers, might get a chuckle out of it as well.

Quick backstory that will help this make sense: while bored at my last job (where I sat at a desk and Facebooked for a month straight essentially guilt free while waiting to be laid off,) I was emailing with my roommate Ken.  I was confused how he was sending emails; I could have sworn I saw his computer sitting on the coffee table that morning when I walked out of the house (he leaves way before me.)  (Even more so now; bartending never starts before 10:30.)

So I asked him a simple question:

“How are you emailing me?”

His response (this is 100% copy and paste technology at work):

“once the correct website is found the message is relayed to a carrier pigeon who flies from my location to the hub in Bryon NY. From there the bird taps out the message in Morse code on the front door where a retired navy communicator from WWII quickly jots down the message. He then loads the message into a canister and straps in onto a wild rabbit. The rabbit is eventually picked up by a local Chinese restaurant who puts the message in a fortune cookie. The cookie is then send to the CEO of goggle, who then relays the message digitally onto the “internet” where it can then be directed to your computer.”

Can anyone on the “internet” answer my next question?

Who is the current CEO of Goggle?

  • Louis

    This phenomenon could be done in a number of ways really. There’s mobile text to email, but then there’s the really cool terminal services trick (long explanation, consider it wacky computer administrator magic).

    By the way, I like the CAPTCHA integration! Which plugin are you using for your social media shares?

  • Kyle

    The social media shares are from Fixed Social buttons by Ioane. Thanks, Louis, for all the techie input yesterday! (And I think maybe knowing Ken, my roommate, is necessary for this post to be funny…)

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