mom can text, but i think she’s jealous

February 13, 2010

Mom 9:28pm: Are you watching the opening of Olympics?

Kyle: 9:29pm: now i am. i forgot it was on, thanks!

Mom 9:32: Skier from Bright lead Aussies in.

(FYI, Bright, Victoria, Australia is where I spent a year as an exchange student in high school.  Although it is a very small town, the idea of a skier from Bright isn’t outrageous; Bright is an alpine vacation town.  It is located very close to snow and ski areas at Mt. Buffalo, Mt. Hotham, Falls Creek and Dinner Plain.)

Kyle 9:34: skier from bright?? really? you’re sure?! i was just online w bec and she said nothing!

Mom 9:36: That’s what the announcer said.

Kyle 9:37: i’m googling it now… it’s actually the girl’s last name.  hahaha

Mom 9:39: OK OK so we got it wrong.

Kyle 9:40 haha that’s ok! it was funny.

Mom 9:41: Do you always have to have the last word?

Kyle 9:42: :)

Mom 9:43: bhzzzz

Kyle 9:44: jsaldiferiowbnsfyuiew

Mom 9:44: I quit!

Kyle 9:44: you need skype. make dad buy you a camera.

Mom 9:46: I’d rathes have a macbook.

Kyle 9:47: well then it’s all in one. :) you need it.

Yeah, she’s jealous.  (But thanks, Mom, for your help in getting me MY MacBook!  I love you, you’re the best!)

  • Lisa

    Everyone should have a MacBook!

  • Joy

    Let me know if you plan to publish our texting in the future. I’ll endeavor not to look too…um…”mature”. Seriously, I am too slow at texting to make it really worth the effort.

  • Kyle

    Mom, you’re a much better texter than many people I know! I just thought it was a funny conversation. Next time I’ll run it by you first… but I’m glad to know you’re reading. :)

  • Julie A.

    No worries Aunt Joy… you are miles ahead of my parents!!! It helps to have a phone with a texting keypad (like having a mini keyboard on your phone)… if not for that I’d be terrible at texting!

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