standing out in public in your underpants

February 10, 2010

That’s how my friend (and now fellow blogger) Lisa said it feels when you make your first post.  Putting it all out for everyone to see.  She let me try it out by posting on her blog, so I guess this isn’t really my “first” post… but hell, I hope you’re smart enough to understand my point.  (If you’re not, I suggest you just stop reading now and never, ever, return to this blog.)  Anywho, she’s right- there is a bit of a naked and exposed feeling here.

So, why am I blogging?  For years and years there’s been a-plenty of things I’ve wanted to do and try, but have frequently lacked the get-up-and-go attitude required to actually do much of it.  It’s time I end this phase and start getting things done.   I figure now if I plan to write about it, then I have to do it!

Yay for finding motivation!

Fear not, I see the flaws here.  By simply doing anything I want and then writing about it, there is nothing holding me to this deal.  This is why I intend to commit myself to trying things by mentioning them on here and then following through.  The motivation will come from the thought of readers being there. I’ll take suggestions from people, and maybe we will become a community of thought-sharers.  (OK, I gagged too when I wrote that.)

(*Please note* this whole part is predicated upon the assumption that people will want to read what I’m writing.  I believe there is nothing wrong with this.)

Not to say that I will only write about things I do.  Call this my personal Craigslist Rants and Raves if you so desire, because I guarantee there will be some of that.  (FYI- if you’re offended by swear words, you might want to steer clear of this blog.  They’re gonna be here.  Just sayin’.)

I’ll probably have guest posts on things I find funny/ special/ important/ or things that just hold my interest at that time.  (Note the “probably”.  That does not mean that every person that wants to post something will be allowed to every single time.)

I may allow for shameless promotion of friends’ projects, events, life happenings and the like if I’m so prompted.  My friends are a big part of my life and they deserve serious mention.  I may even poke a bit of fun at them on here, but it just means I love them.   I’ll poke fun at myself too, don’t you worry, because I do a lot of things that deserve to be laughed at (with.  I’ll be laughing too.)

I will make these promises to you- I won’t post when I’m drunk.  This isn’t Facebook.  (I may write things when I’m drunk, but I will always edit before I post!)  (When I’m sober.)  If you write shit about me, I will probably write shit about you.  (Good or bad.  I’m equal opportunity.)  If something happens in real life and you ask me to not write about it on here, (I may try to change your mind) but if you’re firm- and reasonable- I won’t do it.

And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m in love with parentheses.  That’s the way it is.  Read the disclaimer at the bottom.

  • Lisa

    Wooooooo Hoooooooooooo. Hello my dear friend Kyle. I love you and I can’t wait to obsessively read every little thing you have to say.
    Cheers to you and 2010 being good in every way….and to you letting everyone know about it.
    Let’s have a glass of wine and chat :)

  • Chris

    Sorry Lisa, look at the first post, below. I am the first comment. :)

  • Lisa

    Ok, you win.

  • Inkeri

    Oh Kyle, Finland is loving this! :) I’ve wanted my own blong for a long while, but haven’t gotten around to do it yet. I’m proud of you! This looks superneat, too. Enjoy blogging!

  • Louis

    Impressed and inspired! Keep it up!

  • Julie

    Wow Kyle this is great!! Very creative and clever!
    Looking forward to reading more :)

  • Kittie

    Great way to keep yourself committed and held accountable in a fun way! Looking forward to what you have to write :)

  • Chris


    :) ;) :P ^_^ :*


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