the workout, month one

February 27, 2010


Day 1- Ok.  I can do this.  Even though the dvd player did this funny skipping and rewinding thing and I couldn’t finish the last 10 minutes, I think I’m going to be able to do this.

Day 2- No way am I getting out of bed @ 7am for this shit, so it’s an after work workout instead.  Dvd player was misbehaving again, (maybe it’s because I haven’t used it in a year or so?) but I somehow managed to complete the whole thing.  Kind of enjoyed myself, actually.

Day 3- Oh, did I say I enjoyed yesterday?  Yeah, that’s because I feel it today.  Spent the majority of the ab workout today just laughing at the TV because I can’t believe they think I’m going to be able to do that shit.

Day 4- Soreness has lessened, but seriously, the basement is cold when I’m doing yoga down on the floor and the heater is more than halfway up the wall (uh, Ken, heat rises?)  Plus I can’t imagine how people that have never been to a yoga class would be able to follow this.  I’m not sure what’s past the first hour, though, since this pathetic dvd player was freezing up again.

Day 5- There’s nowhere to put a pull up bar down here… (good, I can ignore the fact that I’ve never been able to do a pull up in my life.).  But really, I had to skip half the workout because I couldn’t do chin-up/ stretchy band exercises.  Going to have to figure something out.  However, even with forwarding through those sections the fucking dvd player IS STILL NOT WORKING FULLY.  Must fix.

Day 6- HOLY SHIT, GOT OUT OF BED AT 7AM.  Enjoyed all the kicks and punches this morning, makes me energized for the day.  (Dvd player was mostly functional…?  I’m totally not understanding what’s going on with that.)  Noted: I may want to invest in more supportive sports bras.

Day 7- First Rest Day.  <3  I’m sore.  Asked friend I borrowed dvds from if I should expect to be sore everyday for the next 3 months.  Her response?  No, but at least one week out of every month.  Heh.  Funny.

Day 8-  Yep, starting to feel like a cheater and it’s THE DVD PLAYERS FAULT, NOT MINE THAT I CAN’T FINISH MORE THAN HALF OF THESE VIDEOS.  I really don’t want to have to buy another dvd player.  Oh, hey, this is the start of the second week, isn’t it?  Wow, I’m still doing this?  Hmmm….

Day 9- Okey dokey, doing good.  Out of bed at 7am again (shocked!) and making it most of the way through videos. No one said it better than the Kool-Aid Man; “Oh YEAAAHH!”

Day 10- Still laughing at the ab video.  It may be only 15 minutes long, and I’m swear I’m trying, but some of these balancing acts with crunch moves are just hilarious.  (I’m using my abs laughing, right?  I’m not feeling terrible about this.)

Day 11- Whoops.  Went to parents to visit, stayed all day, and skipped video.  First time, feel only slightly bad though.  It was the yoga workout, that video sucks, and I go to a yoga class two times a week.  Perfectly justifiable.  No worries.  We’re good.

Day 12- Borrowed bands from a friend so that I can participate in the pull-up section (in a non-pull-up-i-don’t-feel-bad-about-it way), and actually spent more minutes participating in the ab video than laughing at it…

Day 13- Feel inwardly awesome for arising early yet again and completing video to polish off first 2 weeks of workouts.  My ass hurts lots, and the backs of my thighs burn when I’m at work and have to duck under the bar.  This kind of hurt… this is good.  I know.  I like.  It hurts = it works.

Day 14- Day of rest.  But… what is this?  What the fuck is this?  Two weeks in and I’m HEAVIER than when I started?  That’s not fair!  I’ve got a 3 lb. flux that is normal from day to day.  This weight is not in that normal flux range.  ARGH. (I’m having trouble remembering what I ate yesterday… oh well.  Perseverance…)

Day 15- OOOOH have fix for dvd player problem!  Borrowed PlayStation from friend!  Yay!  …No… wait… dvds are now pooping out faster than before! No!  Is bad!  Will never be skinny again!  All hope lost… Uhh, oh. *Ahem* I have the dumb.  Why has it not occurred to me before now that I recently got a new laptop?  A fancy shiny new MacBook that is PORTABLE and will PLAY DVDS?  Oopsy daisy.  (I’ve had the computer for a week at this point.  It really did take me this long to figure this one out.)  Hmmm… Look at that… DVD plays aaaaalllll the way through.  Wow.  And whaddya know, there’s a “bonus” section at the end of this video!

Day 16- Who knows if it’s something I’ve done, or if it’s just the “getting older” shit I’m starting to feel, but I’ve had extreme pain in both of my wrists for over a week now.  I’ve been skipping push ups, opting to just stay in plank postions… and today it’s terrible.  So much that I completely skipped the yoga section of the cardio video.  Don’t have health insurance = can’t go see doctor… taking it easy is the only option.

Day 17- Hey, check me out.  I did it all!  Both videos!  Given, I didn’t do every single one of the 300-and-whatever crunches, but I did most of them (and there was no laughing today.)  Also, note that when my brother comes downstairs to find me on the floor shouting “Fucking-A that’s hard!” and he laughs at me, I ignore him and plod on.

Day 18-  Wrists hurt.  Yoga in cold basement.  Weight still infuriating.  Dvd plays all the way through, thanks to the laptop, but quit with 10 minutes left because this video sucks.

Day 19-  Oops, skipped workout.

Day 20- Almost barfed.  Drank a lot last night, actually got up at 7 and did workout this morning… not a good combo.

Day 21-  Third rest day.  Beginning of recovery week.  Still weighing in at same average.  Really annoyed.

Day 22-  Skipped yoga video, went to yoga class.  Refuse to waste my time with that shitty video.

Day 23- Grumpy.  Got up at 7.  Did video.  Scale says same shit.

Day 24- Miserable.  Got up at 8.  Did video. Still fall over all the time when trying to “Kick front, kick side, kick back”. Today, slightly more than other days, Tony Horton is really bugging the fuck out of me.

Day 25- Stretch video?  Are you kidding me?  The basement is cold… and I went to yoga this week along with doing this pathetic crap every day… so fuck it.  Not doing it.

Day 26- Something bad happened when I got out of bed this morning.  Yeah, my wrists still hurt.  So do my knees… and frequently my feet… but today something went PING in my upper back/ lower neck between the shoulder blades area.  I don’t know if bouncing around is a good idea, and I actually feel guilty, like I’m making excuses.  But… not happening.  Tomorrow I plan on substituting a different video for the yoga video since I hate it so bad… and I’ll make sure I’m rested and hope this will go away.

Day 27- Skipped video again today.  Have become very aggravated with myself for hurting so bad and lagging on videos.

Day 28- Fourth rest day, but haven’t done anything for the 4 days prior and now I’m feeling like a joke.  This is the end of the first month.  Although this is longer than I’ve kept at any specific program (well, I guess this is really the first “program” I’ve ever done…) but still, you understand.  My friend is a massage therapist and I’m going to see her tonight so she can work out a bunch of knots in my back.  This will hopefully help.

I’m not quitting.  I’m going to finish it.  No need to remind me of the clichés about muscle weighing more than fat, paying more attention to how your clothes fit, etc- I KNOW.

Still annoyed.  Motivation?

On to month two…

  • Lisa

    Most people don’t make it past the first week or two…so you’re ahead :)
    Think about bikini season on the lake and keep going! See you at yoga tomorrow night!!!

  • Joy

    Cold cement floor w/out sufficient padding is not conducive to supple joints, or continued workouts.
    What about some sort of mat? (Not a yoga mat or rug)

  • Kyle

    Yes, Mom, I recognize this. I don’t have access to any mats, do you? Think we could organize another cartwheel-a-thon?

  • Joy

    Those days are long gone!

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