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March 22, 2010

A week ago I left my position at a bar just outside of Rochester, NY, where I’d been since they opened this past July.  There will be no sharing of the reasons for leaving on here today; I may someday, but not just yet.  (One of my favorite bloggers, Heather Armstrong, expounds on why you should not blog about your job, unless you want to lose said job.  I may not have to worry about being canned, but I don’t need a shitstorm from the person who was the reason I bailed on the pub.  It’s possible I’m only delaying the inevitable, because he is an indefatigable nincompoop, but it’s a small effort).  (Oh, yes, I’ll admit this: Kyle = asshole that can’t help but get a jab in.)  (ALSO: the people that work there and the customers that come in are all stinkin’ awesome and I miss them very much already.)

Moving along… this past week I started working at a bar in downtown Canandaigua, NY, in preparation for it’s new sister bar to open in Geneva, NY (soon!).  I’ve been involved with the opening of 5 different bars since I started slinging cocktails back in 2001.  I don’t know why I enjoy opening new places so much… I just do.  Rumor has it this bar will have 20 taps (hello, taste testing!) and a dishwasher behind the bar (adiós, crusty knuckles!)

As the Geneva location is not quite set to open and I’ve completed all my training, there is a shortage of hours available for me to work.  The kind folks in Canandaigua have hooked me up with a couple shifts this week though (Wednesday and Friday until 5; pop in to say hello and grab a beer if you’re in the area!)  Having all this time off would be marvelous if the weather was conducive to getting my bike out on some not-so-muddy trails (thanks for all the sunshine LAST WEEK, Mother Nature), or the money to drive around and visit some friends (or a car that didn’t need a new… I need a new car, so come visit me if you’d like to see this smilin’ face).

So I needed a time filler (because I’m just not much of a Facebook stalker and I don’t read Best of Craigslist).  Against my better judgement, yesterday morning I (breathe iiiiin) signed up for Twitter (breathe ooooout).

I’ve always felt like twitter is the ultimate outlet for narcissists- shouting from the rooftops what they’re doing every second of the day- and that’s just not my style.  Who really cares that I ate Seneca Farms ice cream yesterday, for the first time this season?  (FYI, it was cookies and cream, my favorite, and quite tasty.  Don’t be jealous, friends of mine that live out of state, I ate your share anyway.)  Should I tweet every time my brother is in the bathroom, reading “Texts From Last Night” and shouting out to me the ones he thinks are exceptional (regardless of where I am in the house?)  (I’ve had worse roommates, so I let things like this slide.)

Please, don’t shout at your computer that you’re reading my blog and I’m telling you about my day.  I can’t hear you (but I’ll bet you look a little cuckoo).  My psychic abilities are well honed, so I knew what you were thinking before you started making a fool of yourself (but not enough to see you-  if you’d like to take a photo of your crazy ass yelling at your computer, please do so and email it to me.  I enjoy a chuckle just as much as I assume you do.  Maybe you’ll be my post for this week’s Wordless Wednesdays!)

Here’e the difference in my eyes: Twitter is very knee-jerk and instantaneous.  Blogging is more drawn out;  like purchasing a very long book that is distributed to you in small installments… but for free.  Yes, you’re choosing to follow someone on Twitter just like you’re choosing to read this (or any other) blog, but what are you getting more out of?  (Don’t even try to tell me you don’t love the Kitchen Sink Hummus!)

I have Facebook to indulge my drunken exhibitionist side (with my words, not photos. If you are some dirty lunatic that randomly came upon my innocent little blog, DON’T try to find me on FB.)  I use that network for keeping in touch with people I know in real life.  They’re all friends that live near and far and I interact with them, through comments on statuses and photos, wall posts, event invites, and so on.  If someone doesn’t like my alcohol-haze influenced words on FB, they hide me from their wall feed or just delete me as a friend!  Is there really a need for another outlet where I can annoy and distract others while possibly entertaining and embarrassing myself?  (Side note, I’m not always drunk when on Facebook.  Just so we’re clear.)

Despite all my reasoning against it, I signed up.  Stupid peer pressure.

As soon as I got to my home page, I wondered: what should my first tweet be?  I’m only following a handful of people, two of which are the friends that convinced me to sign up [and in less than an hour of being an official twitterer (wow, that's a real word, my computer didn't put the auto-spellcheck red line under it...) both of those friends were already following me.  That's love.]  Who cares that only Lisa and Kimie will see my introductory tweet and they adore me and my words without judgement?  I felt taunted by the box in which I was supposed to use 140 characters or less to share “What’s Happening?”  It was kind of like a first impression moment…

So instead, I clicked the tab to my WordPress Dashboard and started writing this post.

I figure I’ll spend the better part of my extra time this week farting around on Twitter, following and unfollowing people just to see what’s being said and how it’s used.  Feel free to find me on there.  After all, my first tweet did end up rather profound, who knows where I could go from here:

thatgirlkyle chirp, chirp, i tweet.  happy ladies?

  • Lisa

    I think that our stories (in whatever form) help provide a bridge in our lives between biology and society—We’re all here trying to make a good life and have a little fun in the process. Connecting to people is one way experiences become valuable–whether it’s our own or those we read. Reading other people’s stories, whether it’s in bits and pieces or in a full book, is part of that. The people who know you actually are interested in both your drunken haze posts on fb and your tweets. Why? Because we then feel more connected to you, we absorb our interpretations of your story into our own lives, and also because we like you :)
    Additionally, for people who don’t know you, they obviously begin reading for a specific reason (whether it’s intentional or accidental)—if they keep coming back to your posts and your tweets it’s because they have interest in some way at some level. The label of narcissism may be true—but we’re the ones who added the negative connotation to that term. Truth told, we should be absorbed in our own stories, and sharing stories with others is just a way to express ourselves and live, re-live, tell, and re-tell stories to make more meaning from them (that was so straight from my dissertation!).
    It took me a year after signing up for fb to actually use it, and the same for twitter…and I’m still a little fuzzy on the purpose of it. However, it’s something to do that isn’t about paying bills or healthcare reform. If it feels good, do it—gain what you can/want out of others’ tweets, ignore the ones you don’t care about, and put your awesome self out there when you feel like it!

    Spork. (sorry, couldn’t help it)

  • Chris


  • Kyle

    Chris, you said yourself yesterday that you were going to sign up for Twitter, so stop being such a Debbie Downer (wah wah :/ ).

    Lisa, I’m starting to wonder if I need to read your dissertation! I love you and your ability to spell out whos and whys and whats.

    (And there’s just nothing better out there than a spork!)

  • Lisa

    You can read my dissertation…but I don’t guarantee that it will be very interesting!

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