why rush?

March 26, 2010

Ever notice when you hear a word that is new to you and suddenly it seems everyone you talk to is way smarter because they’re constantly using that word?  Or when you see a car make/model that you haven’t noticed before and then it’s the one that is in all the accidents you see along the highway?

I’m having this happen right now, but more in a general thought-pattern way.  A week or so ago a friend and I were emailing, and she mentioned how she was feeling lazy at work even though she was busy, but was glad she was busy because it helps the day/week go by fast.  I had been thinking about this sort of thing lately, and I’ll share with you how I responded.  (I’m lazy when emailing- you’ll forgive the non-capitalization, poor grammar and/or sentence structure and fragmented thoughts.  It’s a copy and paste world I live in… like hell I’m going to retype things I don’t need to.)

I digress.  Here’s what I wrote back to her:

From: kyle@home

To: lisa@work

know what i was thinking about the other day?  why are we always so excited for time to go by so fast?  i mean, when you have something like a new job or vacation to look forward to it makes sense… but other than that i know so many people (you and me included!) that are always excited for time to go by… having the week go by fast… but why?  what are we so excited to get to, the weekend?  for more work next week?  it’s kinda funny… i’m trying to find something everyday to look forward too, and (this sounds stupid) but savor the moments when i’m doing that thing i was excited about.  then i won’t feel like i’m just excited for time to go by fast for no reason.

She understood this, and reiterated it to me in her own words a few days later when I called her, having a freak out about something silly (well, silly in hindsight.  At the moment this silliness was causing me to have something akin to an anxiety attack, I assume, since they are not something I typically suffer from.)

But here’s the funny part- a very smart and insightful friend that I’ve known for quite some time (oddly, I’m unsure as to how exactly I came to know him in the first place…) posted a status a few days later on Facebook that immediately caught my attention.  John started the day by sharing these thoughts: “If you’re looking for better times, rather than just getting through this moment, try to make this moment better.”

I believe that everyone suffers at this from time to time: quick quick quick move on to the next thing/ part/ episode/ day/ event/ whatever as quick as possible.  What are we rushing towards?

There’s nothing wrong with taking in the moment that you’re in, and being excited or even just happy about that exact moment.  Given, it’s not like we can do this every moment of every day (we’re not all on Prozac for pete’s sake.)  (Thank god.)  But what if there’s effort made in taking something each day that may just be something normal, or average, and enjoying it- or doing something to make it just a little bit better?

  • http://www.thrive-style.com Lisa

    It’s true—being in the moment should be worth it…and it is sometimes. Other times—I want time to speed up so I can be done with work. Maybe it’s not about getting to the weekend (I do just as much work on the weekend, I think), but just getting to a point in the day when more tasks are done than not done. I’m practicing not rushing it…sometimes it works. Sometimes not! Being busy prevents clock-watching…
    I think I needed this reminder today—thanks!

  • Colleen

    i totally agree with you! i was at a job a couple years ago and i absolutly hated it. i was constantly wishing and waiting for the weekend. eventually i realized that that is not how i wanted to live my life, wishing away the weeks and my life. that started my search for my new job. now i enjoy every day of the week. its such a better feeling!

  • http://www.ohthoseboys.com peatrick

    I think it was James Taylor who so eloquently put it that the secret to life was enjoying the passage of time. Brilliant.

    “Any fool can do it, there ain’t nothing to it”

  • http://www.ohthoseboys.com Chris

    You should read “In Praise of Slowness” by Carl Honoré. It’s on my bookshelf in my room, if you want it. :)

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  • Dave

    You’re post is nicely written…thanks for the reminder.

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