i hated p90x

April 26, 2010

Yup… hated it.

I know, I know, in the first month post I was all “Woo Hoo!  Look at me!”

Month two demonstrated how skilled I am in the art of justification, regardless of reason.

Now month three is done and I appreciate your kindness in letting me just quietly sweep it under the rug.

There was something about Tony Horton that got under my skin right from the start.  It’s nothing personal, Tony, your style is just not right for me.  Plus, I really couldn’t keep myself from laughing every time your shorts would creep up in the ab video…

The repetitiveness was also too much.  I grew accustomed to the videos and didn’t have to watch to make sure I was doing it right… and it was boring.  Knowing I was going to be doing the same 45 minute cardio workout basically every Thursday for 3 months made me really not want to participate come Day 70.

Does it really matter why once again I was unable to complete and achieve success at something that I could only benefit from?  Nah.  Let’s just get this out of the way then, so that I feel a little better and am able to continue.

P90X, you suck.  FAIL.

Sadly, this doesn’t make me feel any better about a certain button blowout incident I had the other day with a pair of shorts.

The humiliation of doing that to myself (and now sharing it on the internet) should shame me into success as I hazard another go at fitness.

Have you heard of Insanity?  It’s from the same company that produced P90X, but the leader of the pack, Shaun T., is way better eye candy than Tony Horton.  (Don’t tell me that’s not important.)  And he’s got this accent that is something of an educated spanish/ street blend… and let’s just say I find that somewhat more endearing than an almost 50 year old man making up his own words and growling at the camera.

There’s a bunch of reasons why I like it already and am motivated again- I’m only two days into it, but just the 25 minute “Fit Test” video turned me into more of a puddle than any of the P90X videos did.  The videos are not repeated as many times as P90X.  It’s a 60 day program, not 90.  It’s not strength training, it’s cardio.  I’m “following” the nutrition guide (read “paying attention to what/ how much I’m actually eating”) this time.  (I like to eat healthy, yes, but I like to eat.  Period.  I typically have a portion out-of-control issue… someone forgot to install my off switch.  This is what makes buttons pop off shorts.)  I did mention this Shaun T. fella is a cutie, no?

You’ll remember point 3 in my New Years General Resolution where I mention that 75% of my wardrobe doesn’t fit… and that hasn’t changed.  Something has gotta give, and I am not interested in that something being a zipper or a seam next time.

And so, I start anew.

  • http://www.thrive-style.com Lisa

    You can do it!

  • http://www.thatgirlkyle.com Kyle

    Lisa, you’re the best. Love ya!

  • http://www.anthonyzullolmp.com Anthony

    I hope insanity works for you. I just got P90x, so I’m crossing my fingers with it.

  • Joy

    The important thing is to keep trying. You may be an ambitious procrastinator, but you can also be one who persevers. Go for it!

  • Joy

    That’s way different from perseverate.

  • Dad

    Your over indulgence may be genetic (eating, that is). Hang in there!

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