ode to ken

April 22, 2010

True Story.

My roommate, Ken, says to me one night, “Kyle, I’ve been thinking about your blog.  And I think you need to have an Ode to Ken.”  I ask what he suggests, and inquire as to if he’s actually been reading my blog.  His response?  ”Sure!  Parts?!”

The following is word for word what then came out of his mouth.

“It can’t come from the source… but since you asked… simple yet complicated man.  With an excellent vocabulary, with an excellenet, uh, excellent grasp of the engrish language.  Someone who doesn’t try at Jeopardy because he feels it is beneath him and doesn’t want to show up the rest of the world.

(Pat Sajack’s name should just be Patjack.)

Now, do we get seroious or do we keep going along the lines of… uh…

I won’t even get into Obamaisms because that will take us into… uh…

I feel that Chinese would be much funnier with a southern accent.

Have you ever thought about how the word YO can be taken in different ways?  There’s YO, which is just a friendly hello or HERRROW, there’s yo yo which is the simple common kids toy that everyone should experience, then there’s the Yo Yo Yo which is white people making fun of city culture but I’m not sure you should really type that.”

I doubt anyone could have put it better.

  • Dad

    Humor your landlord, dear.

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