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April 1, 2010

Many of you that read this blog know me in real life.

Many of you also know last Friday I got a bug up my ass and seemingly out of the blue decided to take a long weekend in Chicago.

I had a great time visiting with my friends Andrea and Anthony.  But… it’s time to come clean… there was an ulterior motive for my trip.

Not long ago I was contacted by some fine folks that had stumbled upon  I went to Chicago for a quick sit down with them and although I can’t say who these people are or the specific nature of what we talked about, I can tell you this much:

1.  I’m going to be doing some writing… and getting paid for it!  (WAAHOO!!!)

2.  I’m not moving away from the Rochester/ Finger Lakes area.  (But I may have to get serious about setting up some sort of home office).

3.  I’m not quitting bartending (…yet).

I’m itching so bad to share the details, it’s like I’ve developed an allergy to Leenah.  Hopefully later today or tomorrow I’ll be allowed to let the cat out of the bag (…because if it’s much longer I may have to purchase a large tub of hydro-cortizone cream.)  (I know, that was a really bad joke.)

Anyway, stay tuned!

  • http://nooope,Iwish! Cailin

    Woo-hoo!!! Congrats lady!!

  • Heather

    hey how come you didn’t tell me you turd….well anyway congrats girl i hope all works out and goes well…You deserve it!!!

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