tuesday evening.

July 28, 2010

Decide last minute (while bored at work) to return to cottage for remainder of week, with brothers consent. Realize cat has been home cooped up alone since last Friday. Run home from work to pick up cat and obtain other necessities from house. Head towards Keuka Lake with cursory stop at Wegmans. Promise cat that car is parked in sufficient shade, crack windows, run inside. Peruse beer options a tad to long, remember cat, run to checkout. Wait patiently while idiot lady exercises excessive coupon usage. Roll up in turn, dig for Shoppers Club Card. Realize wallet is not in purse. Or in cart. (Check in purse again for confirmation.) Cashier explains that entire order can be suspended and picked up at Customer Service Desk once wallet is retrieved from car. Run to car, apologize to cat for delay, dig for wallet. Look around parking lot for wallet. Remember wallet is on dresser. At home. 15 minutes away. Haul ass out of parking lot, head towards home. Hear bad loud noises coming from under car. Look in rear view mirror to see part that has separated from car tumbling down highway behind with cars swerving to miss hitting it. Chuckle. Make wise decision to text status to Facebook while driving, letting everyone know car is P.O.S. and apologize to anyone that may have been in vicinity of rogue car part. Drown out cats loud protests (informing of intense displeasure of being confined in cat carrier for extended period of time) by rolling down windows. Notice loud rattling noise that once existed during acceleration has disappeared. Text responses to comments on Facebook status. Also notice odd, intense chemical smell. Text additional responses to comments on Facebook status. Arrive home, retrieve wallet, return to store, purchase items. Learn from kind customer service gal that shopping sans wallet is actually rather common- (fun fact- 4-5 times a day someone gets to the checkout only to realize they are a dumb-ass.) Return to car, haul ass to parents to drop off annoyingly whiny cat. Arrive at cottage. Unload shit. Kick car.

Enjoy glass of wine on patio.

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