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August 5, 2010

If you’ve been reading for a while you might remember my summertime to-do list. I wrote it four months ago when I was getting very amped up for this summer.  We were getting a taste of the weather that was to come, and I was itching for summertime fun.

I’m revisiting the list for the first time just now and realizing that of the ten items… I’ve only completed two.

The garden.

And waterskiing.

That’s right- behind the pontoon boat.  (Please ignore the horrendous form; the fact that I got my ass out of the water is the only thing we should be focusing on.)  It wasn’t just me that managed to defy the odds- both my brother and our friend Pat made a show of it.  (Pat even droped a ski… quite the show off.)

Logistically speaking, this was supposed to be one of the more difficult items on my list to accomplish.  I lacked any and all confidence in the ability of our little booze barge to pull anything out of the water.  We had to borrow skiis.  If you look closely, you’ll even notice that we didn’t have a good tow rope- that’s a double handle ski rope you’re looking at, circa maybe 1986.  And yet… we did it.

So I’m frustrated that the majority of my list remains incomplete.  I’ve kayaked a lot, but still don’t have my own.  I almost died biking with my brother the other weekend and am nervous to try and tackle the entire lake (although I do realize I might stand a chance if I’m not hungover.  There was that little lesson learned…)  I’ve not hiked, picnic’d, seen the inside of a tent, or sailed.  My yoga practice is… well… out of practice, really.  (There was that one morning I did it on the patio at the cottage, discussing the passing fishing boat with my brother while finishing up in a headstand… but that’s far from the retreat I was looking for.)  And skinny dipping?  I even missed my chance on that one.  (Had party, got drunk, find out next day friends went skinny dipping… and I… don’t know where I was.  But I’ll put money on the fact that I was somewhere sputtering incoherent, unintelligible drunk Kylespeak.)

Four months from now… oh shit, there will be snow on the ground.  I wish this would motivate me to roll through my list, but I didn’t come up with the tagline simply because it sounded neat.  Maybe we’ll just carry over the list to next summer…

  • Lisa

    To-Do Lists are not really meant to be completely followed…Aim high and if you do some of it, it’s a success. If you never make the list, you might do nothing!
    …which reminds me, we never had our healthy cocktail party!

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