the triumphant return?

October 4, 2010

It’s difficult.  After bombarding the internet with 2+ blogposts a week for months and enjoying every second of it, I lost my umph.  This past month is an uncomfortable manifestation of the fact.  I had so many options of things to write about- from tomato sauce from scratch with my mom; enjoying throwing my first baby shower (and seeing a baby blanket that came with what I presumed to be a hole in case the baby came with a tail… to which someone informed me it was actually to fit a car seat buckle through… but I still think it’s a pretty obvious tail-hole…), half-hiking Watkins Glen with my brother (the ONLY time this summer unfortunately), realizing that even the rain wasn’t going to keep tourists away and giving up and drinking great beer at the Roosterfish Brewing Co.; enjoying entire days on the lake that were so perfect they seemed to be from a dream; even learning the hard way what a huge difference the throttle and brake make on a rental moped (the evidence of which remains on my leg over a week later).

But we know what happens when I force out posts when I’m not interested in really writing.  So, I didn’t… but I felt guilty the entire time.

In the past 24 hours I’ve had two completely unconnected compliments about this blog.  One was from a friend whose taste in blogs I know (and hell, who doesn’t love a little Jen Lancaster in their life anyway?), she said simply that she’d loved my blog when she had the chance to read it.  The other came from a friend of a friend (whom I’ve met once?) that stumbled across my blog and apparently enjoyed it enough to tell my friend who passed the praise on to me.  (That was a very clumsy description of both situations.  See?  This is what happens when I don’t write for a while.)

But my point is this- I enjoyed hearing these remarks so much that I knew I had to get back down to business.  I’m not full of crazy new ideas, but the intent is there for real this time.

Although this post in itself is hardly a jubilant homecoming (geh… that was terrible as well…) of hilarity to That Girl Kyle, we know that the more frequently one writes the better ones writing becomes overall.  So bear with me; endure the bad because along will come the good again.  Promise.

  • Joy

    FINALLY! Don’t you feel just a little bit less guilty now?

  • Lisa

    I thought you were going to post more? About the wine thing? Dude, get your ass back to the lappy!

  • Kyle

    Ugh. I know, right? I sat down and started 3 different posts on Saturday… and hated them all.

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