top ten for two thousand and ten

January 2, 2011

It’s common for blogs to do a year in review and countdowns and such, so I’m jumping on board with my top ten.  That Girl Kyle has only been in existence since this past February, but out of some 70 odd posts so far, here’s the ones with the most reads.

10.  the insanity rant

9.  bring on the wine

8.  a little patience *Updated 4.10*

7.  kitchen sink hummus *Updated*

6.  drunk at 6 am

5.  someone can’t keep their mouth shut

4.  30:30 and a local letdown

3.  i hated p90x

2.  thou shalt not save bridesmaid dresses **UPDATED**

1.  raw birthday cake

Some quick reflections:

I’m not the least bit surprised that the raw birthday cake recipe is the #1 post of the year, coming in with 226 views, I’ve had hits from all over the world because of the title.  Pretty amazing.

I am, however, shocked that my most recent post, 30:30 and a local letdown ranked at #4, after only being published last week!

I’m most excited about #2, because (IMHO) that’s the funniest post by far… followed up with some great advice from a friend… and I’ll admit I’ve ret to rid myself of a single bridesmaid dress.

A couple of my favorite posts that didn’t make the cut: memorial day weekend and the idea of home (even though my brother actually wrote most of it and not me, I still love it); fortune cookie humor for the sheer irony of it; that girl. because it’s really how the name of the blog came about; and tuesday evening. simply because it still takes me back to that night and makes me laugh.

Happy New Year, all.  Thanks for reading.

  • Lisa

    I love them all :)

    Also, I really love the raw bday cake b/c although I did not participate, I feel like I played a role in that one. Then there’s the one about the wine thingy we went to…

    I hope you keep postin’ cuz in addition to reading lots of blogs of people on the web who I’ve never met, I love to read those of my friends.

    Let’s get together soon and make something in the kitchen (and try to not have to bury in the yard after!).
    Happy New Year!

  • Kyle

    Lisa, you are no doubt the catalyst that brought about the raw birthday cake post! There is no way I would have even heard of Ani Phyo if it weren’t for you. And the wine thingy. And yoga. Hell, I probably wouldn’t even be blogging if it wasn’t for you!

    Making something… without having to bury it (and waste what we now understand are expensive spices!)… sounds excellent. Maybe some parsnip fries?? I’ll cut them up. ;)

    Thanks for being an awesome person and an amazing friend.

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