way to go, wegmans

January 3, 2011

Since I started using Twitter (and yes, I recently protected my tweets… but I guarantee your requests to follow will be approved…) I’ll admit that a friend of mine and I have, on occasion, tweeted something to someone famous (or someone who we thought was cool but they certainly had no idea who we were) just to see if we could get a response.  It worked more for her- because she was more diligent at it- but I got a couple bites as well.  As stupid as it sounds, it was kind of exciting.

A couple weeks ago when I first got the email from Wegmans that I talked about in my post last week, I immediately tweeted to Wegmans about my feelings.

I was completely fishing for a response… but got none.

So I posted last week, more to satisfy the urge to express my disappointment in more than 140 characters than out of hope that I’d hear from someone in Danny W’s camp.

But.  But. I guess the gods of the internets put a bug in the ear of someone over at the Wegmans Blog.

Did you read the post?  Did you see the response from Wegmans?

I believe my apartment building neighbors know all the details, even if they’ve never visited That Girl Kyle, because I immediately called my friend and was yelling (and possibly squealing like a little kid cracked out on halloween candy) into the phone everything that they wrote, before even thinking that I needed to approve the comment so you all could share in the thrill.

I know, it may not be that big a deal to you that they responded.  But, what you should be excited about, is what they said.

Wegmans is learning about organic growing practices, with the intent of sharing this knowledge with area farmers so that they can (if they want) grow organically and possibly even out of season. Although I highly doubt they will have spinach available for me to eat this February when I try going local-only for a week, I do see the benefit this will bring down the road.  The bigger the deal we make about local producers, the more people will see and understand the benefit of supporting their neighbors.  Additionally, with easy access to local products (like having things at Wegmans) I think people will be more likely to make the effort to “keep it local” and support our communities.  (Wegmans already does an excellent job of this during the regular season, but there typically has not been much local organics available.  This will hopefully change.)

Ok, I’m talking in circles.  You get the point.  It’s not just exciting for me, it’s great for all of us.  So be happy.

And rock on, Weggies.  Thanks for sharing the details.

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