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January 29, 2011

I have to get rid of my food processor.

This makes me very sad, but I will be replacing it with a smaller fp/ blender combo unit that will fit better in my small kitchen.

I posted an ad on Craigslist last night to sell it.

And immediately got an email.

I thought I was going to get the transaction done today- until I woke up to find this email.  Retyping is pointless- here’s a photo of it.  Read from the bottom up.

Ok, Ben, or Bobby, or whoever you are.  $5 extra to drop it off is a good deal, even though I thought you were an idiot to not give me an idea as to how far away you are in the first place (as my ad clearly says GENEVA.)  But, I humored you, because after 2 months of saying I was going to post this ad, I finally got around to it, and I actually want to sell it.


I’m unclear as to if you either a.) know I am female and are being a COMPLETE ASSHAT or b.) assume I am a male (which we know kinda ticks me off) and are attempting at developing some male camaraderie…

In addition, you say I’d get $41 EXTRA bones?  That implies that you’re willing to pay more than double the original $35 I asked for plus the $5 you offered for my delivery services.  You’re going to pay $81 for a piece of equipment that I paid $50 for?  (That’s what you’ve said… I know that’s not what you’ve meant… but I don’t care.)  You’re stupid.

Either way, YOU LOSE.

As I happen to be a woman with a damn near perfect sense of direction AND ACCESS TO GOOGLE MAPS I may just swing by sometime today and leave you a little love note.

(And I will leave the money.  Something tells me I need to be clear on that.  Because I’m not an asshole.)  (Ok maybe I can be an asshole but not in this type of situation.)

And then you can go find another food processor.  Because I’m a girl, and I want mine to go to a loving home where I know it will receive as much attention and care as I have provided though it’s short life with me.

No, I lied.  I just don’t want a fucking jerk like you to have it.  :)

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