if it comes in 3’s…

March 3, 2011

If you caught me 2 weeks ago, I’d say things have been looking up.  After a whole ‘lotta time wondering if I was wandering down the road towards Old Barmaid’dom, I landed a sweet new gig.  In the wine industry.  Locally.  It’s pretty much “right up my alley”, if all are to be believed, because there wasn’t a single person that didn’t say that to me when I told them about the job.

So.  Last week I’m all geared up to jump in and start learning.  I’m focused, I’m excited, I’m ready.  The best part?  The day before my “first day” is the yearly employee wine tour.  Lucky me!  …Until my car wouldn’t make it up the driveway at the winery that morning.  No matter how hard I tried on the main drive or the private drive next door, regardless of my friends’ efforts in trying to get my slick ass, barely one year old, all-season, ridiculously stupid, worn out useless tires to grip the itty bitty bit of snow and ice that was on the driveways.

I started my new job, before really starting my new job, basically saying HEY GUYS HERE’S THE NEW GIRL WHO DRIVES A SHITTY ASS CAR SHE CAN’T GET UP A LITTLE DRIVEWAY IN THE SNOW AREN’T YOU EXCITED TO WORK WITH HER BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY SHE HAS NO CLUE HOW TO _______________ (insert pretty much anything there.  Because that’s what I would assume about dumb new girls that don’t even come prepared to make it TO THE BUILDING you’re going to be working at.)  (I felt even better about myself when, after we left my car in a pile of snow off the side of the driveway, a few other cars [yes, cars {think Prius!} not SUV’s or anything that may be more equipped to make it up the effing drive than my POS] fly right on up the driveway like it’s… well, like it’s not covered in snow and ice.)

Through the day there were a few jokes at my (car’s?) expense, but in all it seems that I’m going to be working with people who maybe didn’t judge as harshly as I might have.  Awesome.  I’ll remember this.

Work starts.  We’re good.

So.  Along comes snowpocalypse part deux trios quatre cinq (really? are we counting this year?) on Friday, and what do you know, I can’t even get my car out of my driveway at home.  I shovel.  I spin my tires.  I pound my steering wheel, swear, cry, lay out curse upon curse upon curse on mother nature (and the lousy plow company that doesn’t arrive before 10am), and finally call my awesome parents.  Who come pick me up, their now-(finally)grown-up-lives-alone(again)-has-a-big-girl-job(again) daughter, and take me to work.  (And pick me up after work and take me to their house and feed me dinner and let me stay the night and take me to work the next day and take me out to dinner that night and then take me home.  I mentioned their awesomeness, no?)

Things were marvelous, new job and all, I knew my car sucked, but along came a couple days off when I could regroup.  I stayed inside for an entire day, ignoring the huge pile of snow on my car that finally melted itself away.  Thank god because I had no intention of dealing with it.  Snow had caused me enough grief the previous week.  It was time to move on.

On Monday I didn’t have to work- I was going to run some errands and then I had old friend dinner plans.  But I got out to my car to find this.

Yes, that's a large block of ice floating on top of Lake MazdaProtege5Sucks.

Apparently that’s how snow moves on.  (In my car at least.)

Everything comes in 3’s, so I should have seen this coming, right?  I bailed out my car like any good lake girl would- with cups I keep in the backseat in case of spontaneous party eruption.  And I soaked up the excess with beach towels.  And I went on my merry way.

Then, last night, cooking dinner, this happened.

Snap, crackle, pop...

Blue flame high on the stove, ignitor clicking, oven on as well… and the knob snaps off and plastic pieces go CLINK CLANK CLUNK down somewhere inside.

I thought I was about to burn the house down.  I was ready to find the cat, grab her, and run screaming from the building like the crazy person I feel like I should be after this past week.  (Instead I sucked it up, burned my fingers and turned it off.  Major crisis averted.)


If things do come in 3’s, I’m not looking forward to what’s next.

  • Emma P

    Just think, you could have been at Eddie O’briens, twiddling your thumbs and making $0.07. At least your first week of your new job was memorable! 🙂

  • http://www.thrive-style.com Lisakthrives

    Yay for new jobs. And Parents. And Old Friend Dinner Dates!

    Whatever #3 is…call me, and I’ll help you out of it. Then we can drink wine from your new job.

  • http://twitter.com/DownDogDiva Pilar Carrillo

    There must be something in the air…yesterday our kitchen ceiling literally fell to the floor. At least we don’t have snow…

  • Susan

    spontaneous party eruption. love it.

  • Joy

    Looks like you need to be thinking about a new car. Then there shouldn’t be a need to carry those cups around for a spontaneous party eruption because you couldn’t afford it. Seriously, life is just full of little challenges. It’s all about how you approach them! 🙂

  • Julie

    well now you have a totally awesome story to tell on your blog! and something good is bound to come of all this… you just don’t know what yet! by the way, I soooo wish there were more spontaneous party eruptions in my life, that is my new favorite term of the week 🙂

  • http://sophiathewriter.blogspot.com/ Sophia Chang

    Holy moly. Um, you could move to L.A. No snow here.

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