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March 21, 2011

Not a single person has asked about the new job, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway.  Afterall, I’ve dished out $80 for the new layout of this blog.  It’s only fair that I get a couple rolls in the hay for loose change like that.

That doesn’t make sense?  Oh well.  Readership has fallen off (due to lack of new and engaging content, perchance?) so I’m not too concerned.

But work.  Yes, I’m fully immersed in the local wine industry.  You know, if you’ve read the current (and always verbose) “about” section on here, or if you’ve seen some other posts I wrote back when I was more ambitious and less procrastinator (ie the first 4 months or so of my blogging career… ahem… let’s go with internet presence…) that I kinda dig wine.

But, I suck at talking about it.

I’m genetically predisposed to excel at bull-shitting.  It’s a skill rarely listed on resumes, but I certainly honed this gift during my college years, and sales years, and bartending years and… well, everyday life has afforded me countless practical application opportunities as well.  However, I’m now entering the world of “the know.”  People I’ll be interacting with will know if I’m pulling things out of my ass, and I’m not fond of truly being uninformed.

In truth, I don’t like looking stupid.  I’ll be the first to acknowledge (in serious situations) if I don’t know the answer, and will proceed with diligence to find out if it’s something that sincerely interests me.

In the new job I’ll be in the position to not only inform and educate coworkers, but also the general public.  There will be times where I know all the answers; there will be times where I have no clue what someone is talking about (*note, this could be a result of me being struck with The Dumb, but it could also be because I’ve encountered another accomplished bull-shitter); there will be times where I think I know what I’m talking about and will be corrected (I hope.  Please, be kind and be gentle, but if you know I’m unknowingly spouting true bullshit then call me out on it.)

Because I know the world of wine can be daunting and intimidating, and because I believe that education can do nothing but enhance experiences with wine, I’d like to share things that I learn with you.  That’s right- Mom, Dad, Sue  and Lisa, my four readers, I want to make you wine smart.  But I’m too lazy to repeat the same thing to each of you, so I’ll put it on here.

On Wednesdays.  (Wine Wednesdays!  This is not something fabulous I thought up.  I wish.  It will also replace Wordless Wednesdays because as much as I love photographs, I’ve not got the skillzzz to post something engaging that frequently, and we all know that I’m much better with words.  Lots. Of. Words.)

But maybe not every week.

And we won’t start calling me a “wine blogger”.  I won’t drink a bottle and review it on here.  We’ll do technical talk and things.  And it’ll pretty much be about the Finger Lakes, ’cause that’s the way we play.


  • Sue Tierney

    I always enjoy hearing about your life.

  • Christopher Blair Pällischeck

    You paid $80 for this? I mean, it’s nice and all, but I dunno about $80 worth of nice . . .

    Does this mean your “SWEAR WORDS” tag will be getting smaller? If so, that’s bullshit.

  • Sarah Fitzgibbons

    yay for new posts from kyle!!!

  • Lisakthrives

    You like wine?!!? ha.

    I can’t wait to learn more about wine.
    The more words the better!

  • Kyle

    yup, 80 bucks. tax return. yay. and i don’t imagine my swearing will be diminished too much… i mean, as lisa has said, it’s just not me without a few swearwords here and there.

  • Kyle

    i know, huge revelation right? i’m really putting it all out there for the world to know. ;)

    i can’t wait for you to come to the winery and learn about wine first hand!!

  • Emily Ross

    I catch ya on my Google Reader RSS feed and would love to know more about wine!

  • Julie

    I’ll come to Fox Run and you can practice your skills on me anytime :) Also, I DID ask about the new job!! There was just a lot of wine drinking going on and we didn’t really get to chat about it much….

  • Kyle

    Haha, Julie, I know you asked… plenty of people asked in real life. I meant on the blog… because there’s really next to no readers here who don’t know me in real life. And I look forward to your visits!!

  • Sudsy

    So in a roundabout way Chris is asking you how you like the new job? Yes?

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