i guess it’s true

July 17, 2010

Setting: Our friends house, last night. Evening Activities: Wine/ beer and Poutine consumption; Family Feud DVD Game Team A for game: My brother and I. First Question: What do you do when someone insults you? Answers written identically and in the same order: 1. Punch them 2. Insult them back 3. Insult their mom Revelation: A […]

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the insanity rant

June 10, 2010

I may be at a lifetime high in terms of cardiovascular fitness.  I may be able to walk up the hill from the beach to the house at the cottage without getting all huffy-puffy out of breath like.  I may be able to leap small buildings in a… ok, not so much that. But I […]

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memorial day weekend and the idea of home

May 28, 2010

Memorial Day to me has always felt like Opening Day of Summer.  I know the Summer Solstice isn’t until June 20th and technically it’s still spring, but I’m telling you how I feel. For my entire life I’ve had a standing commitment to my family on this holiday weekend, and I believe the only times […]

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