the incident- the day of

August 31, 2012

I took a lot of time deciding how I should write this post, and I deliberated about if I really even wanted to.  Both Dan and I have told the story a number of times, and although I know each time the complete story rings true, it still concerns me that the full issue is […]

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i’m in love

December 5, 2010

So.  I suppose it’s about time I explain my month long hiatus from blogging. It’s true.  I’m in love. After an extensive search including living with, looking for, checking out new and old… I’ve finally found the one. At first I was skeptical.  Previously I’ve been drawn more towards new options with things I haven’t […]

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chirp, chirp

March 22, 2010

A week ago I left my position at a bar just outside of Rochester, NY, where I’d been since they opened this past July.  There will be no sharing of the reasons for leaving on here today; I may someday, but not just yet.  (One of my favorite bloggers, Heather Armstrong, expounds on why you […]

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haven’t i seen you before?

March 3, 2010

I’ve got friends who have gone on successful dates with online dating programs. I’ve got friends who currently have profiles up with online dating programs (and I wish them, male and female, all the luck and happiness in the world with results.) I’ve got friends who have gotten married to the men they’ve met with […]

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how to send an email without a computer

February 11, 2010

I’ll admit, this may be a bit of a cop-out post because I have tweaked some things on here and I need to post something to see what will happen… So, I share.  This never fails to crack me up.   I figure you, my ((very?)few) readers, might get a chuckle out of it as […]

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