i’m in love

December 5, 2010

So.  I suppose it’s about time I explain my month long hiatus from blogging. It’s true.  I’m in love. After an extensive search including living with, looking for, checking out new and old… I’ve finally found the one. At first I was skeptical.  Previously I’ve been drawn more towards new options with things I haven’t […]

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oh hai!

April 14, 2010
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someone can’t keep their mouth shut

April 1, 2010

Many of you that read this blog know me in real life. Many of you also know last Friday I got a bug up my ass and seemingly out of the blue decided to take a long weekend in Chicago. I had a great time visiting with my friends Andrea and Anthony.  But… it’s time […]

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bug eater available for hire

February 24, 2010

Legitimate Prowess displayed in: bug stalking & catching with consumption (consumption is new skill), mouse stalking & catching without consumption, opening closed doors, feather toy destruction, drooling while purring, leaving evidence trails of fur. Level of Mastery achieved in: being adorable.  (Qualification: 7 lb. pile of fur = adorable.) Hourly rate negotiable.  Also available for parties. […]

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the. cat.

February 20, 2010

Meet the kitty in meh life, Leenah. We celebrate her birthday in August (I can’t quite remember the exact day… or really if August is the exact month either but hey- it works for us.  Don’t judge.)  She came home with me in 2001 when I was going through the “breakup of epic proportions” in […]

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